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Malibu Indah
Green as green can be
Swing door
Aluxor Indonesia
Precision Worksmanship
View from inside
View from top
De Palace
Precision Worksmanship
De Palace
Taman Malibu Indah
Aluminium Profile
Aluxor Showroom
Precision Worksmanship

“Current Projects"  

Taman Malibu Indah

Komp. Riverview Polonia

Royal Sumatera Residence

Flores Commercial/Residence

Masdulhak Residence


“Previous Projects"

Masdulhak Garden

Komp. Riverview Polonia (3 residences)

Taman Malibu Indah (Mr. Mrs X)

Graha Metropolitan Blok D

& Many many more

Aluxor Indonesia

Main Showroom : Gedung RAF Hercules, Jl. S.M. Raja XII Km 6.5 No. 20, Medan

Cohub Showroon : Jl. T. Amir Hamzah 38A, Medan 20117

Jakarta Showroom : Ruko Alicante - Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok D No. 20, Gading Serpong 15810


email : /

ph : +62851 0900 1133 / +62813 6113 7111

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Aluxor Frames